We used to charge over $2.4k for a website, now we charge under $250

I love custom websites, I think that they can be great. But they are hard.

Custom sites can do things that you’re off the shelf sites can’t, they can look different, they can have different features, and they can be unique in a way that an off the shelf site can’t.

But I discovered something…

You can build a really good website that isn’t as custom in about one-tenth of the time.

The custom work always means a massive increase in planning time. And testing. And back and forth with the client.

Building simpler sites is simpler for me.

But I discovered something else…

It’s actually great for customers too. The truth is that most businesses just need a site that looks really professional. Something that represents their brand in a way that shows them in the best light. And often, having a really expensive site can mean delaying updating, or replacing a site by years.

And of course, often we don’t replace things until they are broken, or so terrible to look at they were turning customers away in droves for quite some time.

So ask yourself this.

Would a really nice looking site that was simple, and really tailored to your business, but less custom for $250 be better or worse than a more custom, but equally good looking site for $2.5k?

This idea played on my mind for the last few years.

But it took a while to get the tools, the workflow, and the concept fully fleshed out.


Now we deliver great sites, at around a tenth of what we charge for our more custom sites.

Here are a few examples of what we can do, for a super tiny budget.

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