5 Ways To make designing your website faster

Use a website builder

Once upon a time, people thought that website builders were “for beginners” or those people who “don’t know anything”. Times have changed.

These days, lots of people, from total beginners are using builders. The reason is simple… it’s easier, it’s faster, and it produces a better result in less time.

And they also load quite fast these days!

We love Beaver Builder, we think it’s absolutely the best on the market at the moment, so that’s what we use.

Yes, you can custom code everything, but do you really want to spend that much money? Or take that much time?

Start with a template

A template is a great way to find a place to begin.

Designing from scratch is simply slower than starting with someone’s great design.

And often, there is a template that looks great and is virtually ideal for your situation.

Could there be other people using something similar? Yes, of course, but since you are adding your unique style, colors, fonts, and images of your business it still has your unique identity.

And having a website unlike anything anyone has ever seen before is not something that I think is really a good idea for most people. Start with what works, and go from there.

Start simply

We all can get focused on every cool bell and whistle, but it’s seldom the best answer.

It’s almost always better to start with the basics and build upon a solid foundation.

This allows a project to get done in WAY less time.

It’s a great idea to have a chat about your future plans for the website to ensure that it’s going to be a fit for where it’s heading. But putting together what is necessary is a great way.

Many people also find it to be cheaper!

Get help

Maybe you can do everything yourself, but maybe you could have someone do it better, faster and easier than you.

No matter what your budget, it’s a great idea to chat with a professional. They often know ways to do it cheaper than you do anyway.

Set a deadline

There is an old saying “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”, this seems especially true for website design.

Put a time on it, and get the job done!

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