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Great Websites Don't Need To Be Expensive

Most websites are expensive. They cost a lot of time, they cost a lot of money, and they cost a lot of energy... But it doesn't need to be that way.

My name is Luke Duggan, and I've been building websites, and helping businesses grow for over a decade.

We understand that you want a great site,  something that looks great, doesn't cost a fortune, and most of all, you want guidance through the process.

That's exactly what we do! If you are looking for a simple, affordable, epic website, then let's talk.

All of our sites are 

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Beautiful
  • Fast to load
  • Easy to modify
  • Great for generating leads for your business
  • Incredibly affordable

Your Website... beautiful & launched in 7 days.

Here’s our Simple 3-step process

How it works.


Answer Some Questions

We talk to you about your business, it's goals your customers and your goals for the website.

We also take time to understand your challenges, preferences and what is required to get your project to the finish line with a great result, on time and within budget.


We Analyse & Plan

We get your website content, images and the answers you gave us and then we design a website that we are proud to have made, and that you love, and that your customers enjoy using.

We then show you everything and see what you think (you will love it)


We Deliver & Launch

Now that you have seen the site, and already love it, we put on the final touches and test everything.

When we are both satisfied that it's fantastic, we deploy the site, and support you throughout the life of the website!

Why you need to choose us...

- 01. We GUARANTEE that you will love it

Most website projects are risky (for you), you don't know if they will come up with something that you like, you don't know what it will cost, and you don't know how long it will take.

If you aren't 100% satisfied with our work, kick us to the kerb before we deploy the site, and provided that you have given us what is needed for us to complete the project, we will give you your money back no questions asked.

- 02. FIXED PRICES so you know the cost

Because we know the length of the project, we can guarantee the cost. You aren't going to get any unexpected surprises with us. 

- 03. NO Crazy Contracts

Buying a website from us is simple. There are not crazy contracts, and it's easy to understand.


You own the website, and can do whatever you like with it. We only require that you host your site with us for 12 month so that we can support you and your site fully.

- 04. CHEAP to buy, CHEAP to maintain

Our website prices are extremely affordable, and you aren't locking into an expensive monthly cost. 


Our monthly hosting, security management, and maintenance cost is only $37 per month. And for this you can even have us make any changes that you need with 4 hours per month of content changes included free.

Everything you need for the life of your website

  • Australian based, lightning fast hosting

    Slow websites suck, so we host your site on Amazon's super-fast servers in Sydney, connected directly to one of Australias fastest internet connections. It's FAST.

  • SSL Certificate for extra security

    Without a certificate, a website will not rank as well. We make sure that your site is secured so that it ranks better, inspires trust with your customers and takes advantage of the newest speed technology (which relies upon SSL certificates).

  • Social Media Integration

    We can include links to all of your social media, and share links on your content to keep your social media visible to your customers.

  • Hosting CDN (content distribution network)

    You may not have heard of a CDN before, but it's how we get sites that we host loading MUCH faster. 

    We often find that we can halve the time a site loads simply by implementing our CDN service.

  • Mobile friendly, responsive design

    On average, 50% of website traffic is via a mobile or tablet device. It's absolutely critical that websites run well, load fast and look great on all size devices.

  • Professional design

    We don't do slapped-together cheap sites. We do amazing sites, at amazing prices. Your site will be designed by our design team, with access to the best design tools available today.

  • WordPress CMS for easy management

    We offer 4 hours per month of website changes at no additional cost, but you have full access to the "back end" of your website.

  • It's your site, you own it

    You are not renting a website, you own it. We will host the site for you for a minimum of 12 months so that we can fully support you, but you always own the website. 

  • SEO friendly design

    By default, we choose highly SEO friendly plugins, themes and tools. For those wanting even more SEO performance, we can also deliver that, for an equally amazing price.

  • Google Analytics

    We will set up your Google Analytics, or embed the code from your existing Analytics account to ensure that you know exactly how your site is performing.

  • Facebook Audience Tracking

    We can install your Facebook Pixel if you would like to gain the ability to retarget visitors of your website on social media.

  • Contact form integration

    Your customers will be able to connect with you directly, right from your website.

  • Free technical support

    We will support your site, perform updates and do up to 4 hours per month of content updates to your site as long as your site is hosted wth us.

  • Free logo design

    Don't have a logo? We will design you 3 concepts based on your needs and offer 1 free revision to get you looking professional fast

  • 3 free email addresses

    We will set up 3 email addresses for you so your email appears professional, gets delivered and is easy to access

  • Premium theme

    Your theme is one of the best, and most expensive on the market. We use the best, because we want you to have the best (and because it's much easier to work with great tools than free junk).

  • Premium plugins

    Not all plugins are created equal, there is a massive difference, and that's why we only use the best. We know they work, they are reliable, fast, and simple to use.

  • Training Videos

    Not sure how to do something? We will show you how via video for easy reference in the future. 

  • Hosted, supported & maintained

    We take care of everything for you. This saves you stacks of time, piles of money, and mountains of stress.

Here's what you can expect...


Choose a package and book your start date



  • Monthly cost of $37 per month includes Australian based hosting, 3 email addresses, technical support, website plugin and theme updates, 4 hours of content changes and more.
  • Single page website
  • Contact form
  • Testimonials
  • Google analytics
  • More


  • Monthly cost of $37 per month includes Australian based hosting, 3 email addresses, technical support, website plugin and theme updates, 4 hours of content changes and more.
  • 5 page website
  • Contact form
  • Testimonials
  • Google analytics
  • More


  • Monthly cost of $37 per month includes Australian based hosting, 3 email addresses, technical support, website plugin and theme updates, 4 hours of content changes and more.
  • Need something bigger?
  • Contact form
  • Testimonials
  • Google analytics
  • More

A few words about who we are and our team.


Who cares about us! Our business is all about you!

The reason why Effortless Web was created was that I believe that small businesses need help to survive, let alone thrive.

Having faced challenges in running businesses previously, I learned early (and hard) about what happens if you don't market your business effectively. This spurred me on to find ways to deliver more and more value for less and less cost to you.


Simple, plain English, affordable and effective


We create sites for service-based businesses looking for effective marketing.


Websites are not just brochures, they form the home base of your marketing, and we recognise this importance. Let's work together to find the most cost-effective way to promote your business.

Included for FREE

Beaver Builder - Value $99 USD

This is by far the most professional, and easy to use website building tool on the market. You can rest assured, when you make changes to your site (or we do) they will look great!

Ultimate Beaver Addon - Value $69 USD

Beaver Builder is great... but Ultimate Beaver brings it to an entirely new level with even more ways to display your content. It looks great, and makes a regular Beaver Builder page even better.

Convert Pro - Value $99 USD

Do you need popups? Slide ins? Or other ways to promote your offers? Convert Pro is easy to use, super nice to look at and very flexible. It's a great way to increase your sales conversion.

4 Hours of website changes per month - Value $3,840

You want changes made to your site but you are too busy? No problem! We will make changes to your existing web pages for you with 4 hours every month dedicated to updating your content. Just supply the text and images, and we will take care of the rest.

WP-Rocket - Value $49 USD

As you can tell, the speed of your website is important to us. And we have used many caching plugins to help increase the performance of websites. But of all of the tools we have tested, WP-Rocket wins hands down for being the easiest to use, most reliable, and best performance increase by far.

Logo Design - Value $199

That's right! We will design a logo for you for FREE. We will give you 3 concepts, and 1 round of revisions at no cost. A logo helps to make you look your best.

Astra Pro - Value $59 USD

There is a reason why Astra is a popular theme to work with. It's FAST, flexible, and easy to work with. The Pro addition adds even more options to customise your site that we wouldn't have in the free version. 

WP Portfolio - Value $49 USD

Do you need to display the work that you do? From graphic designers to plumbers, people love to see the work that you do. We can display your work with this purpose-built system that looks super professional!

Website Hosting & email - Value $210

A website needs a home to live, that's what website hosting is for. Ours is not the run of the mill cheap hosting. Ours is hosted in Australia (so that it loads super fast for Australian visitors) and is built on Amazon's infrastructure to ensure maximum availability and speed.

Gravity Forms - Value $59 USD

If you are looking for the most powerful, most flexible, most amazing forms plugin for your site then Gravity Forms is it. This system allows you to take payments, enquiries, connect it to external systems and much much more. It's amazing!

Total Value = $4,973

(Total value in the first year alone, and that's not including the actual website design or consulting time!)


Why our customers simply love us.

Tim hill
Tim Hill

They have been an important part of maintaining our three business for quite some time now. All along the way, the service has been excellent - I really recommend them.

jodie williams
Jodie Williams

Luke Duggan and his team has been pivotal in helping me turn my massage skills into a profitable business that has allowed me from 2011 to help more clients and do what I love full-time, as my own boss...

Frequently Asked Questions

We ensure that the content, colours, fonts, styles, images and other elements are customised to your business. We do not add in new features or other plugins.

This work can be done, but that would not be within the scope of this project and we would need to provide a quote for the work.

Yes! But not as part of this initial project. 

10 pages are enough for most businesses to get started, and often more pages simply complicate the job.

We can add more pages as part of a separate project that we can quote on, or you are able to add additional pages at any time.

It's cheap for a few reasons, but the main reason is simply that I really enjoy quick projects. Fast projects are great fun, and allow us to make a massive difference in a short period of time.

Longer projects can be much more challenging, costly, and are often less fun. Your project is simply more fun, faster, and simpler for us to deliver amazing results.

It's pretty simple. You will love the work that we do. In fact, we think it will be the best value for money website that you have ever seen. 

So provided that you give us what we need to get the job done, we will refund 100% of the money if you are not happy. 

By "what we need", we mean that if you are responsible for writing the content, then we need that content before we can create the site.

Or if you say you need to provide images (we can use stock photos if you prefer), then we need those.

And you need to provide us with other basic information such as access to your domain name, approval to publish the site and so forth.

No tricks, just common sense. If you don't enable us to do our job, then that's on you. If we get content from you, and can't do a great job, that's on us.

We do this for a number of reasons. First, most businesses don't have the skills, time or energy to maintain a site. This can lead to it becoming hacked, or looking terrible over time as features break.

We hate to have our name on work that does not get maintained.

You can move the website from our hosting, but that would be done by yourself as we only deploy sites to our hosting platform. 

We have learnt over the years that our own hosting platform is much faster, much more reliable, much easier for us to work with and simply better than what most businesses use. 

Providing the sites on the diverse landscape of hosting solutions simply increases the challenges of the project, and therefore the costs.

For us to update, maintain, and host your website we charge a monthly amount. This is very similar to all other hosts, but we offer much more. 

For our monthly fee, we not only keep your plugins, theme and WordPress version up to date but we also

  • Provide support
  • Manage backups
  • Make content changes for you on your site

It's basically a way that we can ensure that you get the most out of your site.

Yes, and no.

Yes, additional plugins, features, pages and functionality can be incorporated into the site. But these more advanced changes would not be part of a 1 week website project.

So there would be 2 options

  1. If the project is too complex, it would require a fully custom site. These are great, but more expensive and we would provide a quote. Custom websites usually start at around $2k.
  2. If the 1 week website does 80% of what you want, and so does not require a fully custom site, we would simply complete a 1 week website project as normal, and THEN add the additional features in a second project (quoted separately).

1 Week Websites need to be created quickly (obviously), so there is no custom work on these initial projects. But we are happy to talk about a second project (perhaps starting almost right away) to cover any gap in features that you have. 

This website is built using the same tools, plugins, designs and staff as your projects. 

So while not all things I have on this website are included (such as the "small business growth kit", it is, in essence, the same as what you receive.

Quite simply, this is not our first rodeo, we've built a lot of sites, and we know the quality of what others at our price point are creating (I use the term creating loosely here). We are confident that you will be happy.

Also, we offer a money-back guarantee (see above for details), so that should help you to understand how confident we are in our work.

We may do some initial work to simplify things for you, but the 1 week timer does not start until content is received.

We have an expectation that you will provide content within 2 weeks of starting a project, but we can be open to extending this if you speak to us.

If you can't provide content within a month, we will offer to write the content for you (at a cost).

If you can't provide content within 2 months (and haven't taken us up on writing content for you), then we will shelve the project and a cost to reopen the project will be incurred.

Given that the projects are simple, and for 10 pages at most, there is no reason it should be hard to generate the required content.

We take one week from interviewing you until we deliver the content for your website. You then have 1 revision round where you can submit back a document with any changes that you require (provided in a single document).

Then we build the site, and show you (within one week). You will have opportunity to change anything in the design or content at any point upon deployment.

Within 1 week of receiving the content that we need to create the site, we will have it back to you for your review. 

Generally, if you review that site right away, we can have the site up and running within a day or 2 from that point. 

Giving you a few days to give us content, and speedy response times means we can get it all done within 2 weeks in total. We suggest that you plan around a site taking 3 weeks, but we all strive for as fast as possible for the best, and fastest (high quality) outcome.

I've used a lot of themes, a lot of plugins, and a lot of tools to generate websites. 

This is by far the fastest way to create a site that you will love consistently, quickly, and cost-effectively. Yes, we could use other tools, but we would need to charge you more, and lower your expectations. 


Get Your 1 Week Website

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